Here We Go Again… 2015 Fund Drive

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The 2015 Fund Drive Kick-Off will be held at the Central Office on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.  Members of the Operating Committee, fund drive captains, veteran fund drive ambassadors and new volunteers are invited to join to learn about some brand new 2015 Fund Drive materials that should make supporting the 2015 effort even easier.

This year we’re launching an all-in-one postage-paid donation envelope that offers six easy ways to support the Cleveland AA Central Office. The 2-part personal pledge slips and group pledge forms will be available too.

We hope to improve on the 2014 Fund Drive totals. While last year’s effort provided adequate funding for basic operations including answering over 1,000 phone calls and serving the needs of over 850 meetings, over 11% of the group pledges and 15% of personal pledges remain promised, but unpaid at the close of the 2014 fiscal year. As we know in our own lives and in our own homes, promises don’t pay the bills.

We “talk the talk” about carrying the message, but each year we are challenged to “walk the walk” and give tangible evidence of our gratitude to the people and the organization that actually “keep the doors open” for those who still suffer and the rest of us who need some support, inspiration or affirmation from time to time.

“We Are Responsible” every hour, every day and especially each March when we help carry the message with our donations to the Cleveland District Office. Please give generously.

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