My Ego Can Whip Your Ego
May 23, 2018
Whatever Happened to the Circle and Triangle?
July 2, 2018

We’ve paid a high price for a seat in Alcoholics Anonymous. Today, our story is a valuable tool which can be passed on to others in recovery.

What’s changed in your life since you first got sober? Sponsorship, tolerance, twelve steps, family/relationships, fear, spirituality, character defects, higher power, forgiveness, etc. Tell us your experience.

Central Bulletin is currently seeking recovering people to share their stories and creative writing on topics that matter most to the A.A. member for inclusion in an upcoming issue. You don’t have to be a professional writer to share a story. In fact, it’s preferred that you’re not.

Experience a new way of “giving it away to keep it” and help the newcomer and long-timer alike find encouragement and support with your contribution. You never know, it could be a great investment in your own recovery as well.

Send your story for consideration today. To send your story, please email us or send by mail:

AA Cleveland District Office
Attn: Editor
1557 St Clair Ave, NE
Cleveland, OH 44114

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