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The History

First published in October of 1942 (see edition), Central Bulletin is the oldest continuous A.A. newsletter in the world. It was the brainchild of our first editor Harry D. and was printed on two Central Bulletin
A duplicating machine that produces copies from a stencil, now superseded by the photocopier.
mimeographed sheets

The following letter was received by the Central Bulletin on our 20th anniversary in 1962:
Thanks for your reminder that this is the twentieth anniversary year for the Central Bulletin – the first publication of its kind ever to appear in A.A. While most of us know that it was originally proven in Cleveland that sobriety for great numbers could be literally mass produced, I’m sure that far too few are aware of the vital pioneering part the Central Bulletin played in that all-important development of our early time – and, indeed, ever since! On behalf of the Bulletin readers everywhere, I say to you “May your good journal continue to carry the message in the language of the heart for so long as God shall wish our fellowship to endure.” Very gratefully yours,

Bill W. (8/27/1962)

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