My Ego Can Whip Your Ego
May 23, 2018
Whatever Happened to the Circle and Triangle?
July 2, 2018
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Central Bulletin is seeking people to share their AA stories of recovery. Write about topics that matter to A.A. members for inclusion in an upcoming issue. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to be a professional writer to contribute!

Of course, we’ve paid a high price for a seat in Alcoholics Anonymous

Today, our personal story is a valuable tool which can be passed on to others in recovery. Just decide which topic best interests you, then tell us your experience. For example, you could write about the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, living sober, acceptance, gratitude, fear and forgiveness. Or, hope, humility, making amends, tolerance, resentments, sponsorship, surrender, willingness, social pressure, dealing with the past, etc. Odds are, if it fits in one of these categories, we can use it: AA History | Family & Relationships | Mental & Emotional | Our Office | Personal Growth & Meditation | Personal Stories | Program Theory | Service | Spiritual

Experience a new way of “giving it away to keep it.” And, help the newcomer and long-timer alike find encouragement and support with your contribution. You never know, it could also be a great investment in your own recovery as well.


1Do I get paid if my article is used?
Please do not expect to be paid. As a matter of policy, the Central Bulletin neither accepts gifts or payments from or to members who offer news or information. However, you will receive a 1-year subscription to the Central Bulletin for free.

2I am planning an event that would be of interest to the AA community, can I get that listed in the Central Bulletin?
Yes, please submit your event here. Then, all events that are relevant will be posted in the Central Bulletin automatically.

3I’m so mad about the way the Central Bulletin covered a news story. In fact, I want to register a protest.
In that case, please contact us or call and speak with the Office Manager to discuss the issue.

4I want to express my point of view about a particular story I read in the Central Bulletin.
Please contact us with the month/year or volume/issue # (top of cover page) and story title.

5A member of Alcoholics Anonymous died recently. How do I get a notice posted?
From time to time, we can post an “In Memory of … “. Please contact us.

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