Metamorphosis Mug
Metamorphosis Mug
August 3, 2015
Literature Pack Small
Literature Pack (Small)
August 5, 2015

Digital Cleveland Literature Pack


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The AA Cleveland District Office pamphlets are now available in e-book (digital) format for immediate download! It contains our most popular 16 pamphlets for one (lower) price. This pack includes the following pamphlets:

  • 13 Steps to Alcoholism 12 Steps to Recovery
  • 15 Points For an Alcoholic
  • Don’t Tell Me I’m Not An Alcoholic
  • Emergency Rations
  • Four Absolutes
  • Guide to Serenity
  • Handle and Hodge Podge
  • Handles for Sobriety
  • If God Spoke To AA
  • Meeting in a Pocket
  • Misunderstandings
  • My Quiet Time
  • Parents Can Help Kids Who Abuse Booze
  • Teenagers and Booze
  • Who Me
  • Women Drinkers

A PDF reader is required. You can download the popular Adobe Reader for free.