Cleveland Literature Pack
Digital Cleveland Literature Pack
August 4, 2015
Literature Pack Medium
Literature Pack (Medium)
August 6, 2015

Literature Pack (Small)


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A selection of the top 14 most popular (based on sales) Alcoholics Anonymous pamphlets under $1.00. If you’re looking to buy the best selling literature pieces for your group that covers the twelve step program and helpful support on how to stop drinking, this 140 piece Literature Pack is a reliable choice. Value $33.25.

ItemPrice EachQtyTotal
Four Absolutes$0.505$2.50
Who Me?$0.2010$2.00
God Grant Me The Serenity$0.2010$2.00
Guide To Serenity$0.2010$2.00
15 Points For an Alcoholic$0.2010$2.00
A Newcomer Asks$0.2010$2.00
Emotional Maturity$0.1010$1.00
The 12 Steps Illustrated$0.4010$4.00
3rd & 7th Step Prayer$0.1020$2.00
Is AA For You$0.2010$2.00
13 Steps to Alcoholism 12 Steps to Recovery$0.2510$2.50
Problems Other Than Alcohol$0.2510$2.50