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Twelfth Step Call Tips
August 27, 2014
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The District Office is our office. Here’s a few highlights from the past year of how it’s helped us and other alcoholics who still suffer.

Highlights from the past year of the services provided by the Cleveland District Office:

  • Answered over 22,000 calls for help including general AA information, meeting times and locations or 12-Step Calls to help the suffering alcoholic
  • Provided information to more than 70,000 people via our Web site
  • Provided over 165,000 pieces of literature to groups, individuals, hospitals and treatment centers
  • Maintained inventory of 214 literature items for local review and purchase
  • Printed 48,000 updated schedule books of our more than 1,000 meetings every quarter
  • Sold 78,000 pieces of literature we publish at the Cleveland District Office, such as the Who Me?, the Four Absolutes pamphlet, and others
  • Oversees or supplies literature to over 20 correctional institutions in the greater Cleveland area which included facilitating 15 weekly meetings and providing them with conference-approved literature.

Alcoholics Anonymous has no dues or fees, but we do have expenses. By tradition, AA is self-supporting through our own contributions. There is no funding from New York or the United Way or other outside entities. The cost for the office to provide all of these services to us and to others like us who need help was $319,721 for 2011. Right now, the office is operating at a deficit of $9,685.

It’s up to us to keep the doors of AA open, so please give what you can. There’s no minimum…but there is a personal maximum of $3,000, and donations are tax deductible. There is no maximum for groups, and we need the group’s support as well.

Donations can be accepted only from members of Alcoholics Anonymous. Donate Now!

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