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December 28, 2015
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The Fifth Step Promise: “The feeling that the drink problem has disappeared will often come on strongly,” excited me greatly because I had unsuccessfully stopped drinking forever more times than I could count. Even at six months sober I had a hard time believing that the AA miracle could really happen for me. Yet, I maintained my meager faith and was anxious to get on with the Twelve Step process. Then, God positioned Carl, my sponsor, in my path who directed me through Steps Four, Five, Six and Seven.

During the Fifth Step, Carl, pointed out the details of where I had been selfish, dishonest, resentful and full of fear. Shortly thereafter, I asked God to remove my shortcomings and defects with the Seventh Step Prayer. But I still felt distressing guilty.

But then a surprise! Carl tore up all my written paperwork, except the Eight Step list, placed it into an old charred bowl in the sink, then set the entire works on fire! Carl said: “There goes your past up in smoke! You need not feel guilty about all those mistakes of your drinking days, because each morning that you wake up, you become a brand new person that you have never been before.”

As the months passed the seemingly impossible Fifth Step Promise did come true; that hole-in-the-stomach guilt began to diminish… consequently, thanks to God, I haven’t had to drink since my first AA meeting!

By Bob S. – Richmond, IN

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