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July 25, 2018
Freedom In Sobriety
August 30, 2018

In Step Five, my sponsor focused the light of truth onto the unrealized driving forces of selfishness, dishonesty, resentment and fear. Step Four had provided tools to ‘face and be rid of’ these grosser handicaps… but still, countless other destructive little demons, of the grosser variety, lurked in some dark dank space deep inside.

They freely frolicked in this invisible environment, happily protected from the Sunlight-Of-The-Spirit. It was as though they were protected under a very opaque umbrella, weaved with the fabric the grosser handicaps of selfishness, dishonest, resentment and fear.

My sponsor informed me that Step Five was to include a detailed revelation of these particular grosser defects of character and shortcomings.

Those little demons and devils of conceit, jealousy, carelessness, intolerance, ill temper, and all the rest of it were about to be exposed — not only to my sponsor, but to GOD!

Although my sponsor had not the power to close that umbrella, the Big Book tells me that God could and would if he were sought! (Those little fiends must have been trembling down there!). The sunlight of the Spirit was about to shine on those little fiends – for they cannot survive in the sunlight of God’s Truth, because an alcoholic cannot drink on the truth!

The Fifth Step promises (p. 75) tell us that we now begin to have a spiritual experience. Well, the realization that God is soon-to-remove the very things that blocked me from seeing and acting on the truth-in-drink indeed speaks to a radical inner transformation!

I believe the main goal of this vital step is to allow us (me) to realize exactly what dominant inner forces have blocking the truth-in-drink; only then will I know exactly what imperfections to ask God to remove in Steps Six and Seven.

It was very important that I acted before my mind decided to remember only what it wanted to remember. I believe that the Big Book timetable is very important here! We are told to do Step Four ‘at once,’ Step Five at ‘First opportunity,’ review for a short period and ‘then’ (not later) do Step Six, go right into Step Seven ‘when ready.’ Steps Five, Six and Seven are often referred to as the ‘same day steps.’

I am very happy that my sponsor helped me close that umbrella via the Big Book directions. I haven’t had a drink of booze since!

SourceBy Bob S.

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