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August 27, 2014
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September 10, 2014

Dear Secretaries and Treasurers:

We sell literature as close to cost as possible. Our only goal is to provide literature that carries the message of Alcoholics Anonymous and to be able to pay the costs incurred to run the Literature Department. We give each Group a credit limit of $300 and trust our Groups to pay their bills in a timely way.

When our Groups do not pay, it has a very negative impact on the Central Office. If you know your Group has bought literature but you have not received a bill, perhaps we are sending the bill to the wrong person. Call us and let us know that you have not received an invoice from us and we can check to make sure it is going to the right person.

If your Group has a budget shortfall, let us know and we can work out a payment plan. We cannot continue to allow groups that are over 90 days late to continue to charge literature material. We may have to consider late fees and keeping some groups on a cash only basis. We want only to better serve our Groups so please cooperate with us and pay your literature bills in a timely way.

Thank you!

AA Cleveland District Office

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