Seeds of Sobriety via Step Ten

Sponsoring via the Big Book
October 5, 2018
Quiet Mind via Step 11 Prayer and Meditation
November 28, 2018

Every moment of every day, God spreads winged seeds of sobriety over the desperate souls of every alcoholic when they ask for help. However, seeds that come to rest in soil of selfishness, dishonesty, resentment and fear fail to germinate and are lost.”

Fortunately, Step Ten teaches us how to maintain the sort of fertile spiritual soil into which God’s seeds will cultivate joyous and continual sobriety.

The Step Ten directions (p. 84) tells us to continually watch for those new mistakes previously mentioned—this sometimes needs to happen before exiting the bed in the morning. If one of those “grosser handicaps” are taking space in my noodle, then a prayer is in order. It is time to reflect on the Big Book directions how to face and be rid of selfishness, dishonesty, resentment and fear.

As I go through the day, I need to be aware of and utilize the important “face and be rid of” tools found in Steps Four through Nine. When a new or old resentment crops up I need to remember the five-part spiritual Prayer on page 67 and considering whether I was at fault. When stupid and irrational fears crop up I need to remember the fear prayer on page 68.

When I feel myself veering toward selfishness and/or dishonesty I need to remember as how this is often my dismal nature. What to do? Where is my Big Book? After all, I must keep in a fit spiritual condition if seeds of sobriety are to bloom into a joyous and God filled day.

My Big Book tells me that when selfishness, dishonesty, resentment and fear crop, I am to ask God at once to remove them. Then I need to discuss them with someone immediately. If I have harmed someone, I am to make amends quickly. Who said there was no timetable in the Big Book? However, after all, God gave us brains to use, so you probably shouldn’t wake up your sponsor at three in the morning for some trivial and unnecessary reason.

If I continue to cultivate my spiritual ground of being, Step Ten promises that my sanity will grow to where I will be able to see and act on the truth in the matter of drink. It even informs me that my mental obsession will be removed (p. 85)! But the prerequisite is that I maintain a fit spiritual condition. I must continue to thank God for continually planting His seeds of sobriety in me throughout each day for the rest of my life.

SourceBy Bob S., Richmond, IN