Open letter to my family
An Open Letter To My Family
May 28, 2015
Pre-AA History
Pre-AA History
June 30, 2015

I attended my first AA meeting, in Santa Monica, California, about twelve hours after a three-day non-stop drunken binge; strange nonexistent music was still ringing through my booze saturated mind as I mumbled to myself in turns. Memories of that Friday night meeting remain a blur, but I will never forget that after the closing prayer (The Lord’s Prayer), I somehow knew that AA was going to work for me… and I was right, because I haven’t had to drink since!

This was rather amazing because not in one of the previous twenty years had I not quite drinking forever, ending up soused within a few weeks. Why did that AA meeting give my still drunken mind such hope and confidence? I believe I felt the hand of God at that moment. What desperate and hopeless drunkard has not felt that fragile, yet powerful, God-given AA Spirit as they enter the door of a meeting?

I will never forget the outgoing love of a small gang of four, who would pick me up for meetings during those first weeks. Nor will I forget the lady who – some months later – informed me that I looked very mean when I first came in, but she stated: “We knew you weren’t mean, you were just crazy.” Of course, she was right!

I was thrilled to join the spirit of AA – I went to meetings non-stop. There exists a cliche: “Survival on the fellowship is untreated alcoholism.” There could be much truth in this statement, but had I not become immersed in the AA Spirit (meetings) those first crucial months, I surely would have not maintained the continuous sobriety I am enjoying today.

By Bob S.

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