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March 31, 2023
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March 31, 2023
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Alcoholics Anonymous is set-up in such a manner that it runs from the bottom up. This means that the Groups run AA. Each Group in AA has an opportunity to have a voice in the Fellowship. This is done through an informed Group conscience.

What happens with the informed Group conscience? It is the responsibility of the Group Service Representative (GSR) to report the conscience to the District Committee Member (DCM) and/or the Area Delegate who passes it on to the General Service Conference.

However, if your Group has no GSR then your Group has no link/voice in AA as a whole. The GSR not only communicates the Groups informed conscience to the DCM and the Delegate. The GSR also brings back to the Group communications from the Conference, Area and the District.

The GSR is a vital communication link for their Group. If your group does not have an active GSR, who is informing the Group and relaying the Group conscience, then your Group has no voice in the matters of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Groups don’t sit around and complain about what’s happening in AA. Elect a GSR and know what’s happening and even more important, have a voice in the matters of Alcoholics Anonymous.

By Calvin L., Past Delegate Area 54 Panel 65

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