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AA is an allergy relief medication specifically formulated to inhibit the use of alcohol and reduce symptoms commonly associated with alcoholism. When taken precisely as ordered, AA is known to significantly reduce or eliminate side effects associated with alcoholism such as misery, depression, despair, remorse, guilt, shame, illness, and an obsession to continue consuming alcohol.

AA is recommended for long-term daily use and provides premium recovery for alcoholics. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. AA is available without a prescription and can be obtained with a desire to stop drinking. Continuous exposure to AA carries an increased risk of long-term recovery, complete freedom, and spiritual growth. If changes occur, CONSULT WITH YOUR SPONSOR IMMEDIATELY.

CAUTION: AA will impair your ability to consume alcohol. Some of the most common side effects associated with AA are Gratitude, Humility, Tolerance, Faith, Courage, Integrity, Patience, Forgiveness, Hope, and Service. Most test subjects experienced a long-term psychic change, and all test subjects were amazed before they were half-way through to have discovered a new freedom, a new happiness, and a new joy.

Of note: A spiritual resurrection lasting more than 3 hours is not uncommon and does not need medical attention.

WARNING: AA must be taken in conjunction with honesty and willingness or it will become a placebo. Additionally, test subjects who skipped doses or discontinued use altogether suffered a high rate of severe and often fatal allergic reactions due to the continued consumption of alcohol.

For more information about AA and all available resources, simply attend an AA meeting. Experienced AA users will give you a warm welcome, explain the guidelines (or lack thereof), and provide days, times and locations of other AA meetings.

Until then, God Bless!

By Gordon L.

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