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October 30, 2017
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November 1, 2017

As an AA Group Secretary, your responsibilities can be many and may vary from opening the doors and making coffee to paying rent, cleaning up and closing up after the meeting. Most importantly, you are instrumental in symbolizing A.A. to the newcomer. Please, make them feel welcome.

A Secretary needs to be a responsible individual who is going to be committed and accountable to the Group. Like chairpersons, secretaries need to be good all-around group servants. For groups that have no chairpersons, they may perform the tasks associated with that position. While each group has its own procedures, the secretary is generally expected, but are not limited to the following:

  • Picking qualified chair people (in keeping with singleness of purpose) for their term of office if applicable.
  • Announce information concerning A.A. activities and events which should include sharing with Group members the mail (Central Bulletin) from the Cleveland District Office and other Groups.
  • Make sure business meeting & treas. reports are held regularly.
  • Maintain minutes of Group conscious / business meetings.
  • Maintain and update a strictly confidential file of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of group members (subject to each member’s approval); and know which members are available to visit still-suffering alcoholics (Twelfth Step calls).
  • Keep a record of members’ sobriety dates, if the group so wishes.
  • Maintain a bulletin board for posting A.A. announcements, events, bulletins and newsletters.
  • Make certain that the Cleveland District Office and all other service entities are informed (in writing) of any changes of address, meeting place or Group Officers.
  • Accept and assign call’s for 12-step help.
  • Share all mail including the monthly Central Bulletin with the group.
  • Train incoming Secretary & work with them during transition.

Source – Secretary Training

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