Neglect – the Elephant in the Room
October 5, 2018
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October 5, 2018

For many years in sobriety, I have heard people voice the same lament: that after a good period of sobriety, they drank again, and now are finding it hard to get back to meetings.

It didn’t seem to be enough to say “just hang in there” or “just don’t drink and go to meetings”. Something else was needed so I prayed about it, and asked God for an answer I could give.

Not long afterward I was talking to someone I had known for years. She said “I got drunk after five years sober, and now I can’t seem to get back to meetings. It just isn’t working for me.” I suddenly got the answer to my prayer.

I asked her if she believed she was powerless over alcohol. She said yes. I asked if she had a higher power. She said yes. I asked if that higher power was responsible for her sobriety. She said yes. Then I asked her the Big Question… did you ever apologize to that higher power for throwing your sobriety away like a piece of garbage? She gave me a funny look and said “I never thought of that!

I asked her if she thought it would hurt, and of course she said no. She later told me that after making the apology, everything changed. She was now able to stay sober again, and she felt that God had forgiven her.

Sobriety is a gift, not an accomplishment!

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