Step Six and Seven: A Good Start

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July 11, 2023
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September 1, 2023
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After relating Step Four information with my sponsor, I had a much better understanding of my defects and shortcomings. I began to realize what aspects had been blocking me from sobriety for all those years (“Quitting forever” just landed me back in the drunk tank!). Steps Four and Five afforded a much better understanding of the “bondage of self” I had asked to be removed in Step Three.

There they were—but was I willing to ask God to remove them? Well, for me that was a no-brainer because I was rightfully terrified. Just two weeks before I had marched into a bar room with gin and tonic on my lips. Thank God I didn’t order but I was terrified! Yes, I was willing to ask God to remove whatever my sponsor suggested! I haven’t been tossed into a drunk tank since.

My sponsor followed the “AA 12-Step timetable” which allowed no time to think it over. Too much time may have diminished my fear of drinking along with my Six Step willingness! The Big Book tells us to do Step Four at once, Step Five at first opportunity and Step Six “then” (not later).

The Big Book tells us to pray Step Seven “when ready,” and of course I was. Although I had learned a good bit about my bondage of self, I still asked God to take away what was not useful to Him and my fellows. Page 77 tells us: “Our real purpose is to fit ourselves to be of maximum service to God and the people about us.”

This quest was [is] for me certainly progress, not perfection, but as my sobriety continues, I will always be grateful to Steps Six and Seven for getting me off to a good start.

By Bob S.

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