Step Three – A Decision and a Prayer

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July 1, 2024
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For some years, I assumed the decision of turning my will and life over to “God as I understood Him” took place when I prayed the well-known prayer on page 63. But in retrospect, I discovered that my decision had already been made!

The bottom paragraph of page 62 reminded me: “next we decided in this drama of life that God was going to be our director.” The decision was made before the prayer! The Big Book states that the astounding promises on page 63 begin to happen right away (before the prayer).

My sponsor allowed near-zero time between the decision and the prayer. Immediately following Step Two we prayed the Third step prayer together. Those promises began to manifest shortly thereafter and have continued to this day!

I especially appreciate the promise of being reborn. To me, this means that I can now see and act on the truth in drink. I have not had to drink alcohol since!

I like the saying: “I can’t. God can! I’ll ask Him to help me.” And I would like to add: NOW.

The Third Step decision, followed by a prayer-of-askance, does not provide a comprehensive assurance of continuing sobriety. A decision minus action is only an intention. Half measures availed us nothing. Someone said: “God will help you with the steps, but He won’t do them for you.”

We are told: “This was only a beginning.” Then we are told to launch out on a course of vigorous action. This, of course, would be to follow the clear-cut Twelve Step directions from our basic text.

My sponsor was adamant concerning the Big Book timetable, not only with the first three, but as prescribed throughout all the steps. I was so lucky to be afforded a Big Book sponsor. Thank you, God!

By Bob S.

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