Step Three – The Path To Being Free

Motives Are the Seeds of Action
May 4, 2023
My AA Zoom Experience
May 4, 2023

Dag Hammarskjold is quoted as having said “I don’t know who or what put the question, I don’t even remember answering, but at some moment I did answer “YES” to someone or something and from that moment I was certain that existence is meaningful, and that therefore, my life, in self surrender, had a personal GOAL.”

If existence IS meaningful, life in itself has a goal, in its freedom to surrender – not myself as a sacrificial victim, not the core of my soul to others as a compliant beneficiary to others, but to surrender TO others those things I have learned about myself FROM others. So that by being touched and moved by them, even if simply by listening, I and they may grow forward (slowly), toward Serenity, I believe, simply, that this is a reflection of the Third Step Prayer.

A Word To My Friends About Me and My God

There are those who will claim that they have heard me profess not to believe in a god. No, not true… What is true is that I do not believe in Jesus or Jehovah, Baal or Odin, Ra or Quetzalcoatl, Thor or Zeus, Allah or any such named entry in the god/biz. Not for me is Catholicism, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islamism, and Paganism, etc: and so on and so on.

I do believe that Goodness creates Godliness – that it is not in the “knowing”, but rather in “doing” that the door to spiritual growth is opened. And, that in the “doing” I can avoid the “root of my troubles” as described on page 62 of the Big Book. And, since this god-centered life requires a voluntary association, which produces a true learning behavior modification, it may perhaps be best described as “JOIN IN THE JOY”. But, most of all, I believe in the power of the group.  Power as described in Montague’s Prometheus Bound (1930) as a belief in a “power greater than ourselves that makes for good.”

By Terry W., Member of Bay West Group of Alcoholics Anonymous

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