Top 20 Oldest AA Meetings

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The Day the Lights Came On
March 29, 2016
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Clarence Snyder the “Home Brewmeister”
March 30, 2016

This list of Cleveland area meetings was compiled by Norman E., statistician for the Cleveland Central Committee. Clarence Snyder added to and disseminated it:

# Name of Group Location Meeting Day First Meeting Branched From Other Name of Group Original Members
1. Cleveland [1] 2345 Stillman Thursday 05/11/1939 Akron Golrick/Stillman 9
2. Borton [2] 2427 Roxoboro Thursday 11/16/1939 Cleveland Alcazar/Windermere 51
3. Lakewood 15909 Detroit Monday 11/20/1939 Borton Westside/Orchard Grove 11
4. Brooklyn 3316 Broadview Wednesday 05/08/1940 Lakewood W. 52/W. 25 4
5. Berea St. Thomas Friday 08/23/1940 Lakewood n/a 8
6.  Lake Shore Lake Shore Hotel Monday 09/02/1940 Lakewood Westlake 30
7. YMCA Sunday Central YMCA Sunday 10/13/1940 Borton Hollenden Hotel 7
8. Lee Road Friday 1637 Lee Rd. Friday 01/03/1941 Lee Road Thursday n/a 20
9. Lee Road Monday 1637 Lee Rd. Monday 01/06/1941 Lee Road Thursday  n/a 30
10. Crawford Rd. Men’s 8920 Euclid Wednesday 02/19/1941 Borton Doan Men’s 6
11. Miles Ave. 12907 Union Monday 04/21/1941 Borton n/a 20
12. Collinwood 14709 St. Clair Wednesday 04/23/1941 Borton/Lee Rd. Fri. n/a 14
13. Shaker Shaker Jr. High Monday 05/05/1941 Borton n/a 10
14. Avon Lake Am. Legion Hall, Lorain Friday 05/16/1941 Lake Shore n/a 8
15. Women’s 12214 Detroit Wednesday 05/20/1941 n/a n/a 16
16. Lorain Ave. 11934 Lorain Monday 05/26/1941 Brooklyn n/a 20
17. West Side Men’s Pilgrim Church Tuesday 09/04/1941 All groups n/a 8
18. Collinwood Morning 14709 St. Clair Wednesday A.M. 11/01/1941 Collinwood n/a 15
19. Lorain Ohio Antlers Hotel Wednesday 10/22/1941 Lake Shore n/a 15
20. W. 25th Street 2948 W. 25th Street Thursday 10/30/1941 Brooklyn n/a 13



1. Cleveland: Around early 1940 this group left Abby G’s home, moving to the Masonic Hall at 1367 Lee Road by Mayfield Road, changing it’s name to Thursday Lee—the first of the Lee Road Groups. It later moved to Fairmount Presbyterian becoming the Coventry Group and still later moved to the Euclid Avenue Christian Church (now called Disciples) on Mayfield. It eventually closed. A new group, Thursday Adults, took its place at Fairmount Presbyterian right after the Coventry Group left.

2. Borton: Moved to several locations before settling in in 1968 at Forest Hill Presbyterian.

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