What are the Operating and Advisory Committees?

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March 2, 2018
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March 28, 2018

Operating Committee

There are 11 members of the Operating Committee elected at the March Advisory Committee meeting, they serve a term of three years on a rotating basis. The purpose of this committee is to oversee the operations of the AA Cleveland District Office. The Committee organizes the yearly fund drive held in March for the maintenance of the Office. The Committee also sponsors events to promote unity and fellowship among all the groups of the A.A. fellowship.

The committee does not oversee day-to-day operations, but rather deals with operational functions from a strategic level. It serves as a counterpoint to the office manager, who handles workflow and manages daily crises. Because the committee oversees operations from a distance, it can compare the performance of different segments of the organization, formulate long-term strategy and make dispassionate policy decisions.

The Operating Committee also organizes subcommittees which have assigned tasks in specific areas such as Corrections, Activities and Communications.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee consists of a collection of AA members – one from each group in our area. The purpose of the committee is to review the policies of the AA Cleveland District Office and augment the knowledge and skills of the Advisory Committee in order to more effectively guide the organization.

The Advisory Committee serves to make recommendations and/or provide key information and materials to the Operating Committee. The Advisory Committee plays an important public relations role as well as providing program staff with a fresh perspective on programmatic issues.

The Advisory Committee may evaluate the performance of a program, review/monitor/assess a specific program, serve as advocate for the organization to the AA community, provide feedback to the organization from the community, provide technical expertise, provide an independent/unbiased sounding board, and assist staff in determining important activities.

At the annual meeting, which is always held on the fourth Thursday of March, new members of the Operating Committee are elected. Advisory meetings are also held in January and October. Presiding at these meetings are the members of the Operating Committee.

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