Anonymity Spot-Check (from G.S.O.)

A Drug is a Drug
October 1, 2019
Gratitude in Early Recovery
October 28, 2019

Some questions that can be helpful in evaluating whether our actions may or may not be in conflict with the principles of humility and sacrifice that underlie our anonymity traditions:

  • Is my posting about the message or the messenger?
  • Am I carrying the A.A. message in the hopes of helping someone else, or am I simply “shouting from the rooftops“?
  • Am I taking my story and affiliating it with political causes?
  • Am I being extra cautious about not identifying other A.A. members in photographs or statements?
  • Am I avoiding the temptation to incite controversy through caustic argument or bullying others who may disagree with me?
  • Am I providing helpful information about A.A. for those who may need our help?

By a G.S.O. Staff Member

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