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In May 1939 the first Greater Cleveland AA Group met at Albert (“Abby”) G.’s house in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. In mid-November 2 groups – Borton and Orchard Grove – broke off of this group (see top 20 oldest Cleveland AA meetings). It soon became apparent that some group coordination was necessary and so we formed the Central Committee in 1940, the first such Intergroup in Alcoholics Anonymous.

On February 7, 1945 we opened the Cleveland District Office – the second such office in the world (Chicago was first).

The address was 435 Williamson Building at the SE corner of Public Square (now 200 Public Square, Cleveland, OH 44114). The phone number was Cherry 1-7387 a number we have maintained throughout our history (216-241-7387).

In early 1947, forced to move from its quarters in the Williamson Building, the Cleveland District Office secured adequate space at 1007 Schofield Building, located on E. 9th Street at Euclid Cleveland, OH 44114.

We moved again to room 780 in The Arcade by January 1950. And, on June 13, 1956 we again relocated to 205 Frederick Building (2063 E. 4th Street, Cleveland, OH 44115). It stayed there until March 1, 1974 when it went to 1 Public Square Mezzanine #6, Cleveland, OH 44113.

The office left One Public Square on November 5th 1983 to new quarters on the ninth floor of the Rockefeller Building (614 W. Superior Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113).

In October 1994 we moved again to the lower level of Reserve Square (1701 E. 12th Street, Cleveland, OH 44114).

And, in May 2016 we rose to the ground floor building at 1557 St. Clair Ave. NE, Cleveland, OH 44114.

Office Secretary/Treasurer

Office Secretary/Treasurers have been (this list may not be complete):

  1. Mrs. Laverne Hawkins (non-AA) who resigned shortly thereafter since it interfered with her home duties.
  2. John H. left for a better paying job after 2 years.
  3. Crawford W. starting Feb. 1947
  4. George O. succeeded Crawford in April 1958
  5. Richardo “Dick” P. (sober since April 1940) started 12/23/63 for 18 years until his retirement on 6/1/81 when he was replaced by
  6. Imogene Z. who retired and was in turn replaced 3/1/89 by
  7. Shirley H. who left after her marriage to Tom B. and retirement to Florida
  8. Ruth D. started November 1996.


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