Do I have to do my Fifth Step with a priest?

Step Five: Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

Being open and honest about your past is an important part of Step Five. Some say you will also feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders once completed. But, what if you don’t know a priest to do your Fifth Step with?

On page 74 of the Big Book, it reads “…we are very anxious that we talk to the right person. It is important that he be able to keep a confidence; that he fully understand and approve what we are driving at; that he will not try to change our plan. But we must not use this as a mere excuse to postpone.”

As for Fifth Step instructions from the Big Book, a priest is not mentioned. But, from experience, you may hear that a priest, sponsor, other AA support member, counselor, mentor, or trusted friend may be used – this is entirely up to you. It is your decision and one that should not prevent you from moving forward through the Twelve Steps.